Student Profile: Nina Q. Allen ('20)! #firstyearfriday

Check out this work by 1st yr Nina Q. Allen'20! Her work highlights in-depth research on women's health/psychology. Specifically, in areas of Afrofuturism/Oceanography. *Amethyst (birthstone) acts as the center to higher consciousness (meditation) in studies. Healing Properties: spiritual insight, unlocks intuition and enhances the crown chakra.

“The shade of pinks developed is a representation of Blackness. It’s my skin, shield, and sacred aquatic garden. Is this deity (Oshun) a reflection of self? ...

... I owe this art voyage to now. Reclaiming the lost voices & dreams of women in my family (three angels) who’ve become my muses. I sympathize with the countless sacrifices made. They are iconic statues for the future.” - @aamethystwaves

1. Strange Fruit of the Sea (SFOTS) ... L.S.M.A., J.P.R.W., & L.P.W.A. c. 2018/19. 1 of 3 Mixed Media on Butcher Paper. 24in x 84in /// 2. 00:57 AM (Yesterday’s Fish) c. 2019. Experimental Film. *Stills Using Adobe Software

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