Student Profile: Julia Clouser ('19)! #secondyearsunday

Check out this work by Julia Clouser ('19)! "Through using my family's 8mm film archive as my source of information, I am exploring the presence that lost relationships have within a given space. I am altering this film by enlarging the area in-between its sprocket holes where the image bleeds out of the intended frame. These moments expose the aura that gets left behind in a landscape or relationship, while also acting as a metaphor for the space continuing to live in its own time, despite being forgotten." - @allwegrow

- Honeymoon, Installation including single-channel video and embossed archival inkjet prints, 2018

- I Thought I Saw the Shoreline, Artist books, 2018

- Rosebud Sequence, Animation, 2018

I Thought I Saw The Shoreline.jpg
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