Congrats to Lauren Crawford ('19) on 77Art Fellowship Program in Vermont!

Congrats to 2nd yr Lauren Crawford on 77Art Fellowship program in Vermont!!! Dates: August-September, 2019. Site:

“I collect prosaic materials that are ubiquitous to a region I inhabit or that which is intrinsically tied to a certain decade or place. Linoleum tile, textiles, wallpaper, molds and building materials all have resonance in my work that references the underlying historical narrative of culture and how it is subverted and decays over time. By provoking the familiar, my work hovers between the past and present, and the personal to the collective. The overlaying of times coupled with a degenerative quality excavates the tradition of linear notions of temporality. My work responds to regional architecture, diagnosing its singular abasing history to that which can be observed and reflected upon.” - LC @hopelessidealist_1

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