Congrats to Miguel Braceli'20 on Artist Workshop at MICA!

Congrats to 1st yr Miguel Braceli'20 on artist workshop "BodyHouse: Ephemeral Structures in Public Space" at MICA! Dates: Saturdays 9-1pm. 3/30/2019, 4/06/2019, 4/13/2019, & 4/20/2019.

BodyHouse aims to build a shelter from and for the body, studying the minimum living space we need as an individual versus the minimum space that we need as a society. This project seeks to make visible the dimensions of these spaces and the housing problem in Baltimore, approaching themes related to migration and homelessness. The students will be part of a collaborative project to create a large-scale installation that will develop through a collective performance in public space. - Miguel Braceli

POSTER BodyHouse MICA.jpg