Student Profile: suneat3rz ('20)! #firstyearfriday

Check out this series of work by 1st yr suneat3rz'20 aka bonn! “Their work deals with myth and daily life of LGBT people. Finding the cosmic in the mundane, representing a sort of bittersweet reality, elevating the simple and LGBT people to the level of gods and heros, lowering myth to an attainable standard. The work mostly deals with love, but a more Platonic sense of it. The loneliness that acompanies being an LGBT person, ostrasized by socicety, their families, or even within their own community. In a similar way, they believe gods and heroes must be/have been very lonely. Most of their work has a musical element to it, music being a language of love, harking to the ideas of the muses, and dealing with the artists love for not only the creation, composition, and curation of music, but also songs roles as unifiers of the outcasts.” - @suneat3rz / c. 2018/19. Multimedia. Click photo to see more. ⬇⬇⬇