Student Profile: Nadia Rea Morales ('19)! #secondyearsunday

Check out this beautiful work by Nadia Rea Morales ('19)! She/They are an artist, teacher, activist, and feminist from Utah by way of Mexico. Altar de Venus. “Challenging dominant religious principles that focus primarily on a male savior, Altar de Venus, honors femme figures. This piece in part is inspired by día de los muertos and traditional Mexican Art. This work is dedicated to all womxn and femmes.” - @nadia_reamorales / c. 2018. Pigment Print, Gold Leaf. 32 x 48 in. Click photo to see more. ⬇⬇⬇


Mi madre, Maria de La Paz Rea

My mentor, Suzanne Simpson

My godchild, Jaxie Ambriz