Mount Royal featured in 2016 Transmodern Festival

Mount Royal artists featured at the Peale Museum for the 2016 Transmodern Festival (link).


Cola Aaliyah-Yejide Anderson (class of 2015), Stephanie Barber (Mount Royal Artist in Residence), Cheeny Celebrado-Royer (class of 2016), Xin Ni (class of 2017), Yael Sloma (class of 2018) and Danni Tsuboi (class of 2016), 


Markele Cullins/Suldao Abdiruhman, Isa Leal, LabBodies, Selina Doroshenko (class of 2016), Laure Drogoul, Valeska Populoh, Alicia Pulglionosi, SLee Triolo and Parade Collective.