Congrats to Lauren Crawford ('19) on 77Art Fellowship Program in Vermont!

Congrats to 2nd yr Lauren Crawford on 77Art Fellowship program in Vermont!!! Dates: August-September, 2019. Site:

“I collect prosaic materials that are ubiquitous to a region I inhabit or that which is intrinsically tied to a certain decade or place. Linoleum tile, textiles, wallpaper, molds and building materials all have resonance in my work that references the underlying historical narrative of culture and how it is subverted and decays over time. By provoking the familiar, my work hovers between the past and present, and the personal to the collective. The overlaying of times coupled with a degenerative quality excavates the tradition of linear notions of temporality. My work responds to regional architecture, diagnosing its singular abasing history to that which can be observed and reflected upon.” - LC @hopelessidealist_1

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Student Profile: Sicheng Wang ('19)! #secondyearsunday

Check out this work by Sicheng Wang ('19)! His artwork is about alienation and hesitation of youth, and the bittersweetness of living foreign land in Baltimore. - @vangschichen

1. Baltimore Project, (working in progress), video, 2019.

2. East Lake 2, oil on canvas, 2019.

3. East Lake, oil on canvas, 2018.

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Sicheng is also on group show at Gallery CA! Dates: March 6-26th. Opening: March 9th, 5-8pm. Curated by curated by Tracey Jen for her MICA Curatorial Practice Thesis Exhibition. Featuring Beth Lo, Hung-Chang Huang, and Adam Chau.


Congrats Phaan Howng'15 on Installation "E.N.D.O." at SPRING/BREAK Art Show in NYC!

Congrats Phaan Howng'15 on installation E.N.D.O. (Eternal Navigators of Doom Organization) at SPRING/BREAK Art Show in NYC! Booth 33, 866 United Nations Plaza. Curated by visiting artist (VC) Betsy Johnson. Dates: March 5th - 11th, 2019. Artworks are available exclusively for purchase on until May 1, 2019.

ENDO (The Eternal Navigators of Doom Organization) is anorganization whose mission is to help organization members survive and live in the post-apocalpyse. - PH

Congrats to Miguel Braceli'20 on Artist Workshop at MICA!

Congrats to 1st yr Miguel Braceli'20 on artist workshop "BodyHouse: Ephemeral Structures in Public Space" at MICA! Dates: Saturdays 9-1pm. 3/30/2019, 4/06/2019, 4/13/2019, & 4/20/2019.

BodyHouse aims to build a shelter from and for the body, studying the minimum living space we need as an individual versus the minimum space that we need as a society. This project seeks to make visible the dimensions of these spaces and the housing problem in Baltimore, approaching themes related to migration and homelessness. The students will be part of a collaborative project to create a large-scale installation that will develop through a collective performance in public space. - Miguel Braceli

POSTER BodyHouse MICA.jpg

Student Profile: Nina Q. Allen ('20)! #firstyearfriday

Check out this work by 1st yr Nina Q. Allen'20! Her work highlights in-depth research on women's health/psychology. Specifically, in areas of Afrofuturism/Oceanography. *Amethyst (birthstone) acts as the center to higher consciousness (meditation) in studies. Healing Properties: spiritual insight, unlocks intuition and enhances the crown chakra.

“The shade of pinks developed is a representation of Blackness. It’s my skin, shield, and sacred aquatic garden. Is this deity (Oshun) a reflection of self? ...

... I owe this art voyage to now. Reclaiming the lost voices & dreams of women in my family (three angels) who’ve become my muses. I sympathize with the countless sacrifices made. They are iconic statues for the future.” - @aamethystwaves

1. Strange Fruit of the Sea (SFOTS) ... L.S.M.A., J.P.R.W., & L.P.W.A. c. 2018/19. 1 of 3 Mixed Media on Butcher Paper. 24in x 84in /// 2. 00:57 AM (Yesterday’s Fish) c. 2019. Experimental Film. *Stills Using Adobe Software

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Student Profile: Julia Clouser ('19)! #secondyearsunday

Check out this work by Julia Clouser ('19)! "Through using my family's 8mm film archive as my source of information, I am exploring the presence that lost relationships have within a given space. I am altering this film by enlarging the area in-between its sprocket holes where the image bleeds out of the intended frame. These moments expose the aura that gets left behind in a landscape or relationship, while also acting as a metaphor for the space continuing to live in its own time, despite being forgotten." - @allwegrow

- Honeymoon, Installation including single-channel video and embossed archival inkjet prints, 2018

- I Thought I Saw the Shoreline, Artist books, 2018

- Rosebud Sequence, Animation, 2018

I Thought I Saw The Shoreline.jpg
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Congrats to AIR Siobhan Liddellon Group Show “Nobody’s World” in NYC!

Congrats to our fall’18 AIR Siobhan Liddell on group show “Nobody’s World” at the Gordon Robichaux Gallery in NYC. Ft: Etel Adnan, Leilah Babirye, Beverly Buchanan, Leidy Churchman, Marley Freeman, Magdalena Suarez Frimkess, Robert Gober, Gordon Hall, Judy Linn, Mary Manning, Donald Moffett, Monique Mouton, Signe Olson, Gertrud Parker, Paul Mpagi Sepuya, and Sue Tompkins. Dates: March 3-April 14, 2019. Opening Reception: March 3, 2019 from 4-7pm EST.

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