Student Profile: Julia Clouser ('19)! #secondyearsunday

Check out this work by Julia Clouser ('19)! "Through using my family's 8mm film archive as my source of information, I am exploring the presence that lost relationships have within a given space. I am altering this film by enlarging the area in-between its sprocket holes where the image bleeds out of the intended frame. These moments expose the aura that gets left behind in a landscape or relationship, while also acting as a metaphor for the space continuing to live in its own time, despite being forgotten." - @allwegrow

- Honeymoon, Installation including single-channel video and embossed archival inkjet prints, 2018

- I Thought I Saw the Shoreline, Artist books, 2018

- Rosebud Sequence, Animation, 2018

I Thought I Saw The Shoreline.jpg
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Congrats to AIR Siobhan Liddellon Group Show “Nobody’s World” in NYC!

Congrats to our fall’18 AIR Siobhan Liddell on group show “Nobody’s World” at the Gordon Robichaux Gallery in NYC. Ft: Etel Adnan, Leilah Babirye, Beverly Buchanan, Leidy Churchman, Marley Freeman, Magdalena Suarez Frimkess, Robert Gober, Gordon Hall, Judy Linn, Mary Manning, Donald Moffett, Monique Mouton, Signe Olson, Gertrud Parker, Paul Mpagi Sepuya, and Sue Tompkins. Dates: March 3-April 14, 2019. Opening Reception: March 3, 2019 from 4-7pm EST.

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Student Profile: suneat3rz ('20)! #firstyearfriday

Check out this series of work by 1st yr suneat3rz'20 aka bonn! “Their work deals with myth and daily life of LGBT people. Finding the cosmic in the mundane, representing a sort of bittersweet reality, elevating the simple and LGBT people to the level of gods and heros, lowering myth to an attainable standard. The work mostly deals with love, but a more Platonic sense of it. The loneliness that acompanies being an LGBT person, ostrasized by socicety, their families, or even within their own community. In a similar way, they believe gods and heroes must be/have been very lonely. Most of their work has a musical element to it, music being a language of love, harking to the ideas of the muses, and dealing with the artists love for not only the creation, composition, and curation of music, but also songs roles as unifiers of the outcasts.” - @suneat3rz / c. 2018/19. Multimedia. Click photo to see more. ⬇⬇⬇

Congrats to Nina Q. Allen‘20 on the Cover & Logo Design of Comparative Woman!

Congrats to 1st yr Nina Q. Allen'20 for the brand design of (Comparative Literature PhD Program at LSU) first issue Comparative Woman: Spirituality Fall/Winter 2019! This issue addresses Spirituality in a multitude of ways through art, essay, poetry, dance, and film. It is now available in collaboration with LSU Libraries. Special Thanks: Dr. Solimar Otero and Liz Johnston. Read the CW mission statement below > > >

Comparative Woman aims to create an environment that explores topics related to comparative literature and women/gender studies through art and academic essays from a multitude of perspectives. We seek to give artists a platform for reflecting on their thoughts and experiences according to each issue’s theme to present our readers with unique, diverse, and thought-provoking art while also exposing our readers to scholarly work on art created by women or about women/gender studies in mediums both in and outside of the Western Literary Canon. - Liz Johnston, PhD Student at Louisiana State University. (Editor-in-Chief)


Congratulations to Francisca Carvalho (‘16) on residency program No Entulho in Portugal!

Congratulations to Francisca Carvalho (‘16) on residency program No Entulho in Laundos, Portugal! Loom is the fifth exhibition in the artistic series. Presented on January 25th. View/read about Francisca’s work in an interview here. Click photo to see more details. ⬇⬇⬇

“In tantra drawings geometric forms are entities. They are not subscriptions. There is something very appeasing in geometric forms that are always without authorship, there is never signature in these forms, there is appropriation, use but they are always escaping us as if they say that this plane in which we live does not begin or end in us.” - FC (English)

“Nos desenhos tantra as formas geométricas são entidades. Não são assinaturas. Há qualquer coisa de muito apaziguador nas formas geométricas que são sempre sem autoria, não há nunca assinatura nessas formas, há apropriação, uso mas elas estão-nos sempre a escapar como se dissessem que este plano em que vivemos não começa nem acaba em nós.” - FC (Portuguese)

Student Profile: Nadia Rea Morales ('19)! #secondyearsunday

Check out this beautiful work by Nadia Rea Morales ('19)! She/They are an artist, teacher, activist, and feminist from Utah by way of Mexico. Altar de Venus. “Challenging dominant religious principles that focus primarily on a male savior, Altar de Venus, honors femme figures. This piece in part is inspired by día de los muertos and traditional Mexican Art. This work is dedicated to all womxn and femmes.” - @nadia_reamorales / c. 2018. Pigment Print, Gold Leaf. 32 x 48 in. Click photo to see more. ⬇⬇⬇


Mi madre, Maria de La Paz Rea

My mentor, Suzanne Simpson

My godchild, Jaxie Ambriz