Mount Royal featured in 2016 Transmodern Festival

Mount Royal artists featured at the Peale Museum for the 2016 Transmodern Festival (link).


Cola Aaliyah-Yejide Anderson (class of 2015), Stephanie Barber (Mount Royal Artist in Residence), Cheeny Celebrado-Royer (class of 2016), Xin Ni (class of 2017), Yael Sloma (class of 2018) and Danni Tsuboi (class of 2016), 


Markele Cullins/Suldao Abdiruhman, Isa Leal, LabBodies, Selina Doroshenko (class of 2016), Laure Drogoul, Valeska Populoh, Alicia Pulglionosi, SLee Triolo and Parade Collective.


Shola Cole aka Pirate Jenny at Fields Fest

The performance of #PirateRadio proposes a live performance in the format of a roundtable hosted by Shola Cole aka Pirate Jenny (Mount Royal '15) and First Mate/Collaborator Mark Gunnery.

This discussion will hold space within a sonic background of collected sounds and focus on the ideas of activism, the #LivesMatter Movement, race, and equality within artistry. Conversation will regard race along lines of access, music and culture – especially women of color on so many expressive front lines of activism. Concepts and connections within the history of piracy, borders and boundaries will potentially be explored in past, current and future strategies of artistic and socio-cultural equality. Confirmed guests include Fields Festival Artists, GreyDolf, Abdu Ali and Sheila Gaskins


Ali Seradge, Cheeny Celebrado-Royer, and Taha Hedari group show

Featuring: Ali Seradge (class of 2014), Cheeny Celebrado-Royer (class of 2016), and Taha Heydari.

Echo Chamber:
The media is the way we see the world beyond our own. That vision is sold to us as a reality when it is in fact a fabrication. Social media has also become complicit in selling us the illusion of knowledge.Text message, videoblogs, and peer to peer modalities allow for a more direct view of our world and each other. Ali Seradge, Cheeny Celebrado-Royer, and Taha Heydari address the way our main channels of communication are curated